Minneapolis, Minnesota | MSP INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT

Project Highlights

Terminal 2 infrastructure was completely designed by Michaud Cooley Erickson (MCE) and built in 1997 with opportunities of expansion planned for the future. All mechanical and electrical systems are modern and efficient, and the configuration has accommodated TSA and the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) Energy Conservation Program without significant changes to the building or its mechanical and electrical systems.

We also work directly with the Airport Director’s Office and Airport Development, helping to formulate Capital Improvement Programs to strengthen the MAC’s infrastructure, enhancing their building automation, reducing their energy costs and develop their sustainability management plan.

Our close working relationships with MAC Facilities, the Airport Director’s Office and Airport Development has made MCE leaders in the way the MAC does business. With this close coordination, the MAC design team has tightened the accuracy of our design and construction work which has generally enhanced the value of all of our services to our MAC client.