Technology Systems

The MCE Technology Systems department is comprised of licensed professional engineers, designers, and certified technicians dedicated to the design of Technology Systems. These systems include telecommunications and networking, wireless radio frequency (RF/DAS) reinforcement, audio and visual, public address and speech privacy, security and video surveillance, fire alarm and mass notification, and others. MCE has the staffing depth and expertise to deliver highly technical designs for every building system in the complete project, which eliminates the need for additional consultants on the team, and results in greater efficiency, better coordination, and lower costs.

Photo Reference: MAC General Office Building

Telecommunications & Networking

Our telecommunications specialists include design professionals with decades of experience, both in system design, and as network and Information Systems administrators. We participate in important professional organizations such as Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI), and we have served as contributor authors to recognized telecommunications standards. Our varied base of experience enables us to anticipate issues that can occur during telecommunication deployments and address them before they materialize. We maintain expert capabilities in the design of infrastructure systems as well as active networking and IP or legacy telephone system design. MCE is invested in research of current product and standards information to ensure our success both in routine designs such as office networks and infrastructure and complex designs such as mission critical facilities.

Audio & Visual

Well designed and seamlessly integrated audio and visual systems significantly contribute to the overall experience and impression of building occupants and visitors. Beautiful, high-definition displays and source materials that are fully integrated with the architectural building features can create an effective balance between the aesthetically pleasing and the high-tech building elements. MCE understands that these systems must employ cutting-edge technology, but not intrude on the often expensive architectural finishes in polished boardroom, training, and auditorium spaces. Our public address, speech privacy, and music distribution designs focus on quality and resiliency, to establish systems that operate reliably and minimize the need for servicing, adjustments, or administration.

Security & Video Surveillance

Our commitment to security system expertise spans decades, and includes an array of specialty service offerings in addition to traditional design deliverables. MCE routinely provides our clients with risk assessment reports, gap analyses, and review of corporate security protocols, to establish a holistic view of system requirements. These services are often used as a basis for comprehensive project designs. We offer design services for all aspects of physical security, including access control, biometric security, intrusion detection, traditional and IP CCTV surveillance, and high-definition or night-vision specialty surveillance. We maintain active membership with internationally renowned security organizations, to continually augment our expertise in the latest technologies. Our extensive project resume has presented us with the opportunity to work effectively with many corporate security departments, to ensure that corporate design intent is always maintained.

Fire Alarm & Mass Notification

We understand the critical nature of fire alarm and mass notification systems, and their importance in the life safety and preservation of building occupants.  Our team includes licensed Fire Protection Engineers and former fire alarm technicians, which lends a broad basis of experience to our design process.  We have extensive expertise with code analysis and interpretation in states and jurisdictions across the country, and maintain active membership and attendance in a host of professional fire protection organizations.  Our project resume includes some of the largest networked fire alarm systems in the Midwest, as well as highly technical mass notification system designs employing multi-modal communication methods like phone system integration, and email and SMS blast notification strategies.  At MCE we act as an agent for our Clients, analyzing codes and clarifying jurisdictional requirements, to minimize unanticipated requirements, for a reliable and predictable project delivery.