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MSP | Building Automation

Design monitoring and control sequences that are entirely consistent with infrastructure.

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Metropolitan Airport Commission


Market Type


Two diamonds

Square Footage

3,250,000 SF



Minneapolis, Minnesota


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Global Impact Stat

1,000,000+ Points of automation

These systems came with proprietary equipment and programming, which made owners dependent on the controls contractor for pricing and schedules. In 2006, a new software framework was released to enable truly Open Architecture Building Automation (OABA). This framework allows multiple controls contractors and equipment manufacturers to install building automation systems (BAS) in a competitive market.

Not only are facilities engineers able to control mechanical and electrical equipment through the BAS, but they are also able to monitor overall building operations such as vertical circulation, energy use, and room occupancy. We have had many small and large projects with BAS, resulting in satisfied owners. The easy-to-use web browser interface, shareable data and easy-to-read dashboards on laptops, tablets and operations workstations enable better control and visibility. By providing an owner the ability to see the entire system from wherever they choose and get energy analysis in graphical form, OABA is becoming the preferred choice for Building Automation Systems.

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