Cargill Animal Nutrition Laboratory

Increasing lab capacity, efficiency, and safety all at once.

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Science & Technology

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Square Footage

40,000 SF



Elk Rive, Minnesota


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Global Impact Stat

400,000 Samples Per Year

The Cargill Elk River Lab expansion project revitalized the existing campus with a new 40,000 SF building. The addition is equipped with various office and lab spaces, including chemistry and BSL2 labs, that transformed the animal and aqua feed product testing facility.

MCE led the effort in designing new systems for mechanical, electrical, fire protection, plumbing, and technology, as well as a dust collection system for the forage processing area. Our team was fully involved in programming through design development and collaborated with the design build team throughout construction.

As a result of the expansion, the lab can now process 400,000 samples/year, double the previous capacity, with minimal environmental impact. Our team implemented an exhaust air energy recovery system that reduces overall energy demand while not compromising production. The project also streamlined the lab’s workflow and integration by bringing the three business units under one roof, reducing duplication of equipment and personnel, in addition to optimizing the layout and design of the lab spaces.

MCE’s work aided in boosting the lab’s safety and quality standards by implementing state-of-the-art systems and equipment, complying with regulatory requirements, and providing a comfortable and ergonomic work environment for the lab staff.

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