Minneapolis, Minnesota

Project Highlights

Michaud Cooley Erickson (MCE) has been completing projects for Ameriprise Financial for nearly 20 years. Of the many mechanical and electrical upgrades that have taken place across the county in its various locations, one stands out as particularly astounding for its Energy Star sustainability accomplishments.

In Minneapolis resides the 1.2 million square foot Ameriprise Client Service’s Center. Investments in energy-efficient technologies and processes were so successful that electrical consumption decreased by 8 percent, and the building was able to reduce district heating use by more than 25 percent. These reductions saved Ameriprise Financial more than $125,000 in utility costs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The building features numerous state-of-the-art systems to efficiently regulate energy usage. Yet owner Ameriprise Financial Inc. is committed to continual improvements and has an ongoing commissioning program in place to identify further operating efficiencies. Ameriprise has also invested in even more energy reductions with lighting upgrades, window films to reduce sunlight energy, improved HVAC controls, electrical peak-shaving controls and in-house conservation programs.