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Fairview West Bank: Imaging

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Lance Kempf


Michaud Cooley Erickson’s (MCE) healthcare expertise spans a variety of specialized facilities across different scales. Our designs are centered around the fact that Healthcare providers should be given buildings that operate smoothly so they can focus on patient care. To highlight our work in this area, we asked our incredible Healthcare team about the Fairview West Bank Imaging project. We spoke with Mechanical Engineer Lance Kempf of the Project Management team for insight.

What was the Imaging project and how was MCE able to help?

Frost: The 1.5T Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) project included providing new MRI equipment and corresponding support space in an area that was previously utilized as auditorium space.  The adjacent Interventional Radiology (IR) Suite project included providing new IR equipment and corresponding support space in an area that previously had contained two Radiology rooms. The overall space to remodel was surrounded by an active imaging suite.

MCE was selected and provided a successful project because we utilized a multidisciplinary team of MEP/FP engineers and designers with a history of successful imaging projects, understood Fairview specifications, protocols, and were familiar with the infrastructure of the East Building.

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Fairview West Bank

Frost: The team leveraged experience with the evaluation and modification of existing facility hospital system infrastructure to help identify issues, options, and opportunities to modify and adapt the existing systems to serve the new space programming.  MCE also understood how to remodel a space surrounded by active and occupied spaces without negatively impacting the functions in the surrounding spaces.

Our understanding of Fairview standards streamlined both our interaction with Fairview personnel and approach to MEP/FP systems design and engineering.

What services did MCE provide in this project?

Frost: MCE provided HVAC, plumbing, medical gas, lighting, power, low voltage systems including nurse call, and fire protection services.

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What were some of the challenges of this project?

Frost: Coordination and confirmation of new M&E utilities/infrastructure requirements compared against existing conditions within the building. Coordination of Siemens equipment vendor drawings with site specific conditions.

How did MCE overcome these challenges?

Frost: MCE worked closely with the design team, Fairview team and imaging equipment vendors to ensure proper coordination.  Examples included routing of the MRI quench vent, medical gas connection points and electrical power distribution.

How did MCE create an infrastructure to support the needs of the project?

Frost: MCE identified and coordinated utility infrastructure connection points/routes which were based upon existing conditions/capacities, and were not necessarily adjacent to the area.   

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Throughout the project, our team provided reliable, high quality MEP services that contributes to the ongoing smooth operation and success of Fairview West Bank. Creating a safe and comfortable environment for the patients and their families comes from innovative design, while going above and beyond meeting code requirements.

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