Michaud Cooley Erickson is a full service engineering firm. We pride ourselves in providing high quality mechanical, electrical, lighting, fire protection, security, technology systems and energy management solutions for clients, as well as unprecedented commissioning to facilitate efficient operation of systems. Our core values are exercised daily by our professionals as we explore the best solutions to challenging opportunities.




  • We take the high road.  Under stressful situations, our teams remain calm and continue our commitment to the client.
  • We will work judiciously to find the RIGHT engineering solutions for our clients.
  • We are professional in everything we do; we make it a point to have fun doing it.


  • We thrive on opportunities to continue our relationships with clients. A “one and done” attitude is not accepted here.
  • We will provide the best work environment and tools for our teams.
  • We believe our work is more than just our job; it is our career.


  • We dedicate time to simplify the process.
  • New ideas are rewarded; execution of those ideas become reality.
  • We will embrace and drive change.
  • We share our ideas to better educate others at the same time bettering ourselves.


  • We will listen. We take pride in understanding our client’s needs while solving problems.
  • We maintain a curiosity about our clients’ processes and goals.
  • We ask questions for a deeper understanding.
  • We will respect people’s ideas regardless of status or disagreement.
  • We will be efficient and effective in our writing and speech.


  • Our team consists of strong individuals and we create great things when we work together.
  • We are positive in attitude, response and outlook.
  • It is not about who is right, it is about what is right.
  • There is no task below anyone. We are all working together for the betterment of the company and more importantly for ourselves.