Master Trades Services

Quality designs cannot be done in a box without thinking about the installation and future maintenance. By having licensed master trades people on staff, in-depth knowledge can be exchanged with the design teams to provide the best systems for the end user for installation and operational costs.

Photo Reference: Macalester College


MCE has multiple licensed electricians on staff including two master electricians. This allows our team to dive further into initial investigation to ensure that the new designs can be connected into the existing system. Our licensed electricians also provide field knowledge during our quality control process. If power outages or incidences occur, our team has the experience and ability to take a deeper look at the connectivity of the systems to assist in problem solving.

Certified Plumbing Designers (CPD)

The American Society of Plumbing Engineers tests and certifies designers to confirm their qualifications to design plumbing systems. This certification program ensures that designers are competent in their field, remain current with designs and code changes, and continue to enhance the plumbing industry through education. Michaud Cooley Erickson’s multiple CPDs have years of experience and keep in constant contact with the industry.