Laser Scanning

MCE uses 3D laser scanning to provide an incredibly accurate representation of existing conditions in buildings A single scan captures a point cloud and 3D photo of the space. We utilize this as-built data to improve and streamline our design process by ensuring that as-built conditions are accurately represented in our documents.

A point cloud can be imported into 3D CAD software, such as Revit, to represent the existing as-built conditions in great detail. The point cloud contains information not always documented on construction documents such as electrical conduits and owner equipment. Designing modifications to existing systems with this highly accurate as-built model significantly reduces change-orders and conflicts during construction. This results in both time and money savings for our clients.

3D laser scanning will also capture 3D photos of the site as we scan. This allows for virtual tours at any time after that scanning is complete… think Google Street View for your mechanical and electrical rooms. In addition, we can take measurements within the 3D photo, eliminating the need for return trips to gather additional information.  Sharing the laser scans and 3D photos with our design partners also ensures that they have accurate as-built documentation. Therefore, one person on-site can gather this information for the entire design team in one trip.


Video has stitched together scanned images creating
a 3D video of the project space.


  • 3D laser scanning produces accurate as-built renderings of a building’s existing physical conditions in point cloud format.
  • Captures existing conditions not always documented on design documents such as conduit, owner furnishings, panels, switches, etc.
  • User friendly navigation experience.
  • Limits multiple surveys from all disciplines in the space when we share information.
  • Reduction of repeat visits for additional surveys.
  • Less downtime for critical space surveys.
  • Enables design in coordination with existing conditions.
Video has stitched together scanned images creating a
3D fly through video of the project space.