MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA | University of Minnesota

Project Highlights

Located on the Mississippi River, St. Anthony Falls Laboratory (SAFL) is an interdisciplinary fluid mechanics research and training facility of the College of Science and Engineering. Their research focuses on environmental, energy and health challenges.

The building is over 70 years old and while it has been added to, it has never been renovated. Michaud Cooley Erickson was selected to provide mechanical, electrical, lighting, fire alarm, and fire protection engineering services for a complete building infrastructure renovation. Some of the more interesting and challenging aspects of this project include: a new chilled water system that utilizes river water for heat rejection, a variable refrigerant flow system with integral heat recovery for office space conditioning, automation of the wind tunnel radiant floor and air-stream heating and cooling systems, integration of a full coverage sprinkler system into the existing facility, incorporation of new lighting systems into historically sensitive areas of the building and complete replacement of the entire electrical distribution system.