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Facts & Stats



Metropolitan Airport Commission


Market Type


Two diamonds

Square Footage

2,100,000 SF



Minneapolis, Minnesota


Completion Date



Global Impact Stat

5,000 Stalls

This project is composed of seven bid packs, totaling $443 million dollars. The Silver Ramp is on one of the most complex areas of the airport campus, requiring many challenging infrastructure relocation phases that needed to take place before the construction of the ramp. This included the transfer of the existing Parking Management Building and Exit Plaza and Delta Cargo & Stores Building to new locations on the campus. The Rental Car Agency Customer Service Building and Ready Return facilities will be repositioned to the interior of the Silver Ramp.

Utilities that needed to be maneuvered consisted of Xcel 13.8 kv feeders, MAC 13.8 kv feeders, MAC 4.16 kv feeders, MAC 480-volt, MAC connectivity, and CenturyLink lines. Energy relocations entailed a CenterPoint Energy 12-inch-high pressure gas main, two 30,000-gallon gasoline tanks for the rental car center, and an 8,000-gallon fuel tank for the emergency generator. Other components included the realignment of multiple roadways and associated lighting elements and irrigation systems.

One of the many facets of the Silver Ramp included a Revenue Control System with space counters to communicate availability. Additionally, there were many security features including call for assistance, CCTV, enhanced illumination and secure access card readers. The Silver Ramp also built in snow melt infrastructure, ramp wash-down sandpipes, drains and an inverter system for life safety egress lighting. Most notably, MAC was able to maintain 24/7 operations during the entire construction process.

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