Toilets and washbasin

MSP | Restroom Program

Award winning restroom remodels.

Facts & Stats



Metropolitan Airport Commission


Market Type


Two diamonds

Square Footage

3,250,000 SF



Minneapolis, Minnesota


Completion Date



Global Impact Stat

735 Toilets & 198 Urinals

We worked as the mechanical and electrical design team, designing many critical elements including:

  • Touch-free conditions for a minimal germ-free environment.
  • Energy efficiency with LED lighting and occupancy sensors.
  • Water Conservation with low-flow fixtures.
  • Well-designed hand washing areas with custom sinks & supply air to help dry the floors.
  • Thermal people counters for improved cleaning schedules.
  • Water Closet Information Display System (WIDS) to alleviate customer frustrations and improve the cleaning process.
  • Exhaust systems thoughtfully integrated with the restroom design elements.
  • Increased plumbing chase size to assist in access and maintenance.

Although a seemingly simple project, there were many design challenges encountered while working within an existing building and meeting the needs of many interest groups. The entire design team worked collaboratively to create a restroom experience that truly benefits the traveling public, now and into the future. The ultimate goal of Innovative Engineering. Impactful Experiences.

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