Minneapolis, MN | MSP International Airport Terminal 1

Project Highlights

The MSP International Airport Restroom Program, lead by the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC), is the first in a series of restroom renovations designed to improve restroom facilities over the next 15 years. The objective is to provide a thoughtful and efficient restroom experience to all travelers.

Michaud Cooley Erickson (MCE) worked as the mechanical and electrical team member, designing many critical elements including:

  • Touch-free conditions for a germ-free environment.
  • Energy efficiency with LED lighting and occupancy sensors.
  • Water Conservation with low-flow fixtures.
  • Well-designed washing areas with custom sinks &¬†supply air to help dry the floors.
  • Thermal people counters for improved cleaning schedules.
  • Water Closet Information Display System (WIDS) to alleviate customer frustrations and improve the cleaning process.
  • Exhaust systems thoughtfully integrated with the restroom design elements.
  • Increased plumbing chase size to assist in access and maintenance.

Although a seemingly simple project, there were many design challenges encountered while working within an existing building and meeting the needs of many interest groups. The design team worked to create a restroom experience that truly benefits the traveling public, now and into the future. The ultimate goal of superior engineering!