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MSP | Fire Protection

Prevent. Contain. Extinguish.

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Metropolitan Airport Commission


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Two diamonds

Square Footage

14,000,000 SF



Minneapolis, Minnesota


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Global Impact Stat

550 Wet systems, 55 dry systems, 30 preaction systems

The Main Terminal and Concourses Fire Protection Project commenced phased construction in December of 2006, and includes over 2.5 million square feet in total project area. The fire protection projects established code-compliant and state-of-the-art fire sprinklers and fire alarm systems for the entire airport terminal including concourses and associated back-of-house areas over a five-year period.

During these projects, we also reviewed and coordinated interfaces with smoke management systems, jet fueling stations, and 45-foot-high atrium ceilings. The design of the sprinkler and fire alarm systems included significant attention to the aesthetics of public areas. The sprinkler design was tailored to provide separate sprinkler zones for retail spaces to allow for flexibility in future remodeling. We led weekly design meetings and construction meetings and maintained the project meeting minutes.

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