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MSP | Commissioning

“Trust, but verify.”

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Metropolitan Airport Commission


Market Type


Two diamonds

Square Footage

14,000,000 SF



Minneapolis, Minnesota


Completion Date



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Functionally commission all mechanical & electrical systems

We work closely with architects and civil engineers on all MAC facility projects, providing more than just conventional design work. We also offer system surveys and record documents, performance analysis and troubleshooting, operations and maintenance advice, and assistance in administering many of their on-going maintenance contracts. We go far beyond convention by acting as an expert extension of the MAC Facilities Department, delivering owner training, performance analysis, and system calibration.

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Inclusive Design

Creating inclusive spaces that are accessible to all travelers.

Electronic system inside the building

MSP | Building Automation

Design monitoring and control sequences that are entirely consistent with infrastructure.

Many red pipes

MSP | Fire Protection

Prevent. Contain. Extinguish.

MSP | G Concourse Gate Infill

A 50,000-square-foot transformational expansion project adding exciting new features.

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MSP | Operational Improvements

Some call it curb appeal, some call it a first impression.

Toilets and washbasin

MSP | Restroom Program

Award winning restroom remodels.

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