Golden Valley, MN

Project Highlights

Michaud Cooley Erickson performed MEFP design on Mortenson Construction’s Innovation Center. The project was a 4,000 sf space within their headquarters building designed to showcase the companies innovations to clients. The space needed to be flexible yet stand out as a very aesthetically pleasing space. Additionally, the space had to incorporate dozens of technologies that would be used in presentations and hands-on, interactive exhibits. MEFP systems needed to be designed to not only be quiet but they had to be able completely blend into the space aesthetics. The majority of the space did not include an acoustical ceiling thus exposing all of the MEFP equipment and systems.

MCE worked closely with the design team and owner to mesh the systems with the architecture. Flat oval ductwork and non-spiral round ductwork systems were designed to be both functional and to help meet the aesthetic vision for the space. An ability to control the HVAC system was emphasized and the system was zoned in a way that allows for a comfortable space either completely full of people with lots of technology systems generating heat or with only a couple of people in the space.