Project Highlights

Recently, a manufacturing client experiencing accelerating growth asked Michaud Cooley Erickson (MCE) to design mechanical and electrical systems for a major expansion and remodel of an existing building. The completed building would primarily consist of high-bay research and development and manufacturing space that includes automated testing, production lines and assembly equipment. MCE designed the mechanical and electrical systems to be highly reliable to minimize down time and flexible to reduce the duration of assembly line reconfigurations.

The fire protection system included an ESFR (early response fire suppression) systems to maximize flexibility and eliminate in-rack sprinkler heads in the storage shelves. The plumbing system included a siphonic storm drain system, which increased clearance height inside the building, reduced storm drain pipe sizes to reduce construction cost, and vastly limit the amount of below grade storm water piping. In order to test the manufactured products, the electrical systems included generators to simulate the various voltages and frequencies found throughout other countries in the world.