Confidential Data Center | E corridor

Confidential Data Center | E

Mitigating heat generation.

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Market Type

Mission Critical

Two diamonds

Square Footage

10,000 SF





Completion Date



Global Impact Stat

26 Cabinet containment pod

The challenge with this amount of critical load is finding a solution that not only satisfies the cooling needs of high-density equipment, but also directs the cooling to the area within the containment that is drawing the most, all while maintaining effective redundancy over the entire containment pod.

To accomplish this, our approach incorporated these important strategies:

  • Close collaboration between the client and our team. We presented options and guided the client through the design and construction process, resulting in a successful integration in the challenging environment of a live, functioning data center.
  • Seamless receipt and incorporation of existing IT and MEP infrastructure information.
  • Validation of subfloor chilled water locations for use for the project.
  • Modification of existing electrical busway to be used for high-density cabinets.
  • Evaluation of equipment options with all stakeholders to solve the high-density cooling challenge.
  • CFD modeling of cooling options to arrive at the optimal solution for the high-density area. The outcome of this process yielded containment and overhead cooling solutions for the project.
  • Commissioning of the major electrical support infrastructure, mechanical equipment, and fire protection systems associated with the high-density computing project to ensure all systems were working effectively and efficiently.

Successful implementation of these strategies resulted in an effective, resilient project outcome, with full 2N redundancy for both power and cooling elements.

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