Confidential Data Center | D black switches

Confidential Data Center | D

Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

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Market Type

Mission Critical

Two diamonds

Square Footage

224,415 SF





Completion Date



Global Impact Stat

Tier 4 Redundancy

The data center would have occupied two floors, each with almost 40,000 square feet of space for servers, storage, and network equipment. The electrical system would have featured a tri-redundant configuration, with three independent power sources and distribution paths. To ensure uninterrupted power supply, the system would have been backed up by seven 2.5 MW diesel generators, with the capacity to expand to twelve in the future.

The cooling system would have used four 1,110-ton centrifugal chillers to provide chilled water to the data rooms, with the possibility of adding two more chillers later. The system would have also included thermal storage tanks that could store 200,000 gallons of chilled water and 115,000 gallons of condenser water. These tanks would have helped reduce peak demand and energy costs, as well as provide backup cooling in case of a power outage or a chiller failure. The system would have been designed to cope with the dry desert climate of the site location.

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