Confidential Data Center | B fire protection system

Confidential Data Center | B

Tri-Redundant Higher equipment utilization.

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Mission Critical

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256,000 SF





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Tier 4

The building was then upgraded to a Tier 4 facility, which is the most advanced and resilient level of data center certification2. A Tier 4 facility has 2N redundancy, which means that every component has a duplicate backup that can take over in case of failure3. The building also has fault-tolerant design, which means that it can withstand any unplanned event without affecting the IT operations2. The building has a complete 2N electrical plant that was designed, installed, commissioned and certified as a Tier 4 facility by the Uptime Institute.

The facility has six 2.5 MW generators that provide backup power in case of a utility outage. It also has four 1,000-ton chiller lineups that cool the IT equipment and prevent overheating. The facility has 290,000 gallons of thermal storage that can provide 90 minutes of cooling without using any power. This helps to reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint of the data center. The facility is designed to be scalable and future-proof, with the capacity to add six more generators, two more chiller lineups and 3,300 kW of IT power. This would increase the total IT power to 8,100 kW, all certified as Tier 4 by the Uptime Institute.

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