Project Highlights

This critical data center involved a consolidation of four distributed data rooms across a large campus into one Greenfield data center. This facility is designed to Tier 3 standards with 2N power distribution providing almost 350 kW of IT power.  Cooling to the site is provided by two 150 ton chillers operating in a 2N configuration piped to a field of dry coolers providing free cooling above 50°F outside.  This plant is designed using simultaneous heating and cooling chillers that can reject heat from the data center to future adjacent buildings and the data center’s in-floor heating system.  Data room cooling is provided by chilled water fan wall units that pressurize the data room and only allow heat to return through rack mounted chimneys.  This energy efficient design allows for IT expansion on a rack by rack need in lieu of building a complete row with a containment system.  UPS units can be ran in energy saving modes and are connected to an entire building sequence of event recording system to capture events.