Warren E. Burger Federal Building exterior

Warren E. Burger Federal Building

Seven-story federal building modernized from 1967 opening.

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Warren E. Burger Federal Building


Market Type


Two diamonds

Square Footage

260,000 SF



St. Paul & Bemidji, Minnesota


Completion Date



Global Impact Stat

Certified LEED Silver

The building houses comprehensive resources for crime investigation and evidence analysis, including crime lab administration offices, an investigation room that can accommodate up to ten investigators, and an 8,200 SF lab site comprising five rooms connected by an interactive hallway. The lab provides specialty analyses relating to drug chemistry, latent prints, photography, biology, and firearms, including a firing range. One area of the investigator room is electronically tied to an interview room for monitoring and recording interviews. Evidence is received in the evidence recovery area, barcoded, and put into a central computer system.  A forensic garage is connected to a secure exterior impound lot. The facility also has two fitness rooms, a library, conference room, and classrooms for police officer training.

The BCA’s office in St. Paul includes forensics, DNA and testing labs, office space, firing range, data center, state-of-the-art forensics lab and facility. Criminal investigation procedures for the State of Minnesota are performed at this location. To ensure expedient and precise forensic findings, this facility is equipped with extensive laboratory space suitable for performing a wide array of functions including fingerprint and DNA analysis.

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