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Avera | St. Lukes Hospital

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Avera St. Lukes


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Two diamonds

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360,000 SF



Aberdeen, South Dakota


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Global Impact Stat

10+ Treatment options.

Prior to the expansion, the existing 700-ton chiller could not handle the campus load during hot summer days and there was no backup chiller capacity. We reviewed the chiller logs and found that the plant had low delta-T because of the pumping and flow problems.

We contracted a local mechanical contractor to survey all the chilled water piping and components in detail. Using this data, we created a hydraulic model of the system in PipeFlo. The model helped us find the required fixes, such as removing a bypass line, replacing three-way control valves and taking out eight tertiary pumps. After we finished the corrections, the 700-ton chiller could meet the campus load at 62% of capacity on a 102˚F day. The project was done on time and within budget. Moreover, Avera could postpone the expense of a new 900-ton chiller.

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