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Avera St. Lukes


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Two diamonds

Square Footage

360,000 SF



Aberdeen, South Dakota


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Global Impact Stat

10+ Treatment options.

Prior to the expansion, the existing 700 ton chiller was no longer able to meet the campus load when the outdoor temperature exceeded 84˚F, therefore there was no redundant chiller capacity. We reviewed the chiller logs and determined that the plant was operating at low delta-T due to the pumping and flow deficiencies.

We hired a local mechanical contractor to do a detailed survey of all of the chilled water piping and components. With this information, we built a hydraulic model of the system in PipeFlo. The model allowed us to identify the necessary corrections, including removal of a bypass line, replacement of three-way control valves and removal of eight tertiary pumps. After the corrections were completed, the 700 ton chiller was able to meet the campus load while operating at 62% of capacity on a 102˚F day. The project was completed on time and on budget. In addition, Avera was able to defer the cost of a new 900 ton chiller.

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