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75th Anniversary

Michaud Cooley Erickson celebrates its 75th Anniversary with a Client Appreciation Event at The Hutton House! Check out this video for more information on the incredible milestone.


Doug Cooley Retires | Greg Trende Becomes President

Doug Cooley retires after 51 years of dedication to MCE. Stepping into new roles within our leadership team at MCE are: Greg Trende as President, Jason Petermann as Principal of Operations, and Kerry Cooley Bruggemann as Principal of Sales.


New Leadership

MCE names 5 new shareholders: Eric Stelmack, Kerry Cooley Bruggemann, Jason Petermann, Jeff Clark, and Greg Trende. Doug Cooley becomes President following Dean Rafferty’s retirement.


Operations Committee is Appointed

The next generation of future leadership of MCE is appointed by the Board of Directors. Announcement of ten Principals forming the Operations Committee is made to provide new vision, mission and leadership for the next generation of MCE.


60th Anniversary

Michaud Cooley Erickson celebrates its 60th Anniversary at the Guthrie Theater!


Firm Of The Year

MCE receives the award for Firm of the Year from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Minnesota.


LightSpaces is Formed

LightSpaces, a division within MCE, is created offering professional lighting design services under the MCE Company.


Engineering Excellence

The American Council of Engineering Companies of Minnesota awards MCE with the Grand Conceptor award for Collaborating with MCE’s Healthcare client Abbott Northwestern Hospital, in designing a patented centralized laser plume evacuation system through articulating arms for removing the plume resulting in laser surgery or electrocauterization or orthopaedic surgery.


New President

Dean Rafferty becomes President after 18 years of services. The company makes an official name change to Michaud Cooley Erickson.


Office Relocates in Minneapolis

The firm relocates across the street to 333 South Seventh Street in Minneapolis, MN.


Warren Hallberg Retires

Warren Hallberg retires from the firm and the corporation name becomes Michaud, Cooley, Erickson & Associates, Inc. (MCE). The company’s growth requires a move into the Lutheran Brotherhood Building in downtown Minneapolis.


Thanksgiving Fire

November 25-26, the Minneapolis Thanksgiving Fire destroyed two buildings in downtown Minneapolis resulting in destruction of 16 floors of Northwestern National Bank (aka Norwest and Wells Fargo) headquarters. Having served Northwestern National Bank since mid 1900’s with engineering design services, Bob Michaud is called to the site during the fire to turn off the building’s main water lines. The damage was so extensive exceeding $90 million in replacement costs.


Technology Upgrade

The firm purchases two Apple II Plus computers with a 5.25″ floppy disk drive each with a 9” green and black display monitors. Epson 80 dot matrix printers are on board for printing needs.


Dean Rafferty Joins the Firm

Dean Rafferty, a 1970 mechanical engineering graduate of South Dakota School of Mines is hired. The slide rule, pin bar and manual drafting in plastic and graphic lead are the tools of engineering at this time.


Satellite Office Opens in St. Paul

Michaud Cooley Erickson opens a second office in St. Paul and is led by Bob Erickson. Decision made to be closer to their architectural design partners located in downtown St. Paul.


CEC National Banquet

Bob Michaud attends the CEC annual banquet.


Doug Cooley Joins the Firm

Doug Cooley, a recent graduate from University of Minnesota in Mechanical Engineering joins the firm as an intern running blue prints.


Evans, Michaud, Cooley, Hallberg and Erickson

Richard Evans promotes four young engineers Bob Michaud, Sherman Cooley, Warren Hallberg and Bob Erickson as company Principals. Company name changes to Evans, Michaud, Cooley, Hallberg and Erickson and establishes an office in the Plymouth Building in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Richard W. Evans and Associates

Richard W. Evans opens a start up engineering firm ‘Richard W. Evans and Associates’ in Minneapolis, MN.  Richard is educated as an Electrical Engineer yet practices Mechanical Engineering.  Richard and a man named Earl Swanson served together in WWI in the US Armed Forces.  After the war, Swanson begins working for Andersen Window Corporation and hires Evans Associates, resulting in a 50 year span and two generations of engineering services within “62 acres under one roof” of manufacturing plant.