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Confidential Project A

This critical data center involved a consolidation of four distributed data rooms across a large campus into one Greenfield data center. This facility is designed to Tier 3 standards with 2N power distribution providing almost 350 kW of IT power.  Cooling to the site is provided by two 150 ton chillers operating in a 2N

Confidential Project B

This Uptime certified building was built in phases starting with an initial 4,800 kW certified Tier 3 design and construction. Since the initial construction, a complete 2N electrical plant was designed, installed, commissioned and certified as an Uptime Tier 4 facility.  This facility includes six 2.5 MW generators, four 1,000 ton chiller lineups and 290,000

Confidential Project C

Built in phases, this Tier 3 designed project includes a quad redundant electrical system supported by four generators with separate utility feeds. The quad redundancy supports continuous cooling and stays quad redundant down to the cabinet level to provide the building with flexibility and limits the stranded power.  IT floor design is averaged at 300

Confidential Project D

This large financial data center was fully designed and never built due to company mergers. The building consisted of two data room floors of almost 40,000 square feet each.  The mechanical and electrical systems are designed to Tier 4 redundancy.  Electrically, a tri-redundant system is supported by seven 2.5 MW generators with an ultimate build

Bureau of Criminal Apprehension

Michaud Cooley Erickson has provided mechanical and electrical services for the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) in Bemidji and St. Paul, MN locations (Photos: St. Paul location). Bemidji’s BCA Northern Services Center is located on a wooded site near edge of town. The building houses comprehensive resources for crime investigation and evidence analysis, crime lab

Department of Human Services

St. Paul’s Elmer L Anderson Department of Human Services building is a seven story office building with an eight story attached parking ramp. This new building entails over 400,000 square feet of office space, a large cafeteria and a Tier 2 data center.  Mechanical conditioned air is provided to the office environment through underfloor air