MCE Announces Accredited Tier Designer


Michaud Cooley Erickson (MCE) is excited to announce that our own Mark Rogers has joined an elite group of engineers and is now a certified Uptime Institute Professional Services Accredited Tier Designer! 

The program provides the multiple-disciplinary concepts necessary to achieve project design objectives based on the Uptime Institute Tier Standards criteria. This accreditation is focused on data center and similar technology projects giving Mark the ability to cross traditional engineering practices.

So, how can this help you? To design, manage and operate the critical infrastructure your business depends on, you need the most dependable and qualified consulting that adheres to the Tier standards. Being licensed in all 50 states, MCE can help you build and maintain your data center, while balancing risk management, energy efficiency and cost considerations to ensure that your facility is going to provide the level of performance and reliability that satisfies your business needs.

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